The NutriBullet My Best Christmas Present

So every year is the same, i get a pair of socks or a DVD, maybe a novelty gift like fake Mustaches. Christmas has never been much fun for me, the guy who doesnt really want anything, well expect maybe a new Mercedes.

nutribullet blender juicerSo this year i was not expecting anything different, Christmas morning came and i tried hard to look ever so excited. But this year was different because as i ripped away the holly themed wrapping paper something strange happened, iwas actually happy to receive my present.

Beneath the paper was a large box emblazoned with the words, ‘NutriBullet’ – The Superfood Nutrition Extractor.

I admit that I’m a sucker for long manly words such as Extractor and absorption. But i already knew what the device was and i had wanted one.The Nutri bullet is kind of a blender, but it’s not a blender, its a juicer, but its not a juicer. The Nutribullet claims to break down food to the molecular level so that your body doesn’t waste any food.

It has a powerful 600 watt motor that spins the blades at 10,000rpm and reduces anything put in it to a drinkable liquid. Stuff in any food from nuts to carrots, apples, oranges or anything edible, and the nutribullet turns it into a mush that can be drunk and then absorbed by your body thereby turning standard foods into superfoods.

The claims from the devices makers are large. This device can increase energy,improve sleep, improve hair, skin and nails, and make you more attractive. OK i made the last one up, but this bullet gets you excited just reading the blurb and before you even open the box.

So i plan to report back once i have used it for a while, but even before i do that, and for now, the nutribullet is the best Christmas present i have ever had.

HOWTO: Apple’s MobileMe on Linux

If, like me, you are a subscriber to Apple’s MobileMe suite of web-apps, and also run linux on your computer, when you tried to access the service on your linux machine, you probably got a message.

Apparently, It is only possible to run MobileMe on either a PC or a Mac. MobileMe was marketed as a way to be able to view and edit your email, calendars, photos and files from any computer – this, however does not apply to computers running linux.

There is, of course a a very easy workaround: Install the User Agent Switcher add-on on firefox and select firefox on vista or firefox on mac as your user-agent. That does the trick just fine.

Another way to access MobileMe on a Linux box – something I just found out and made me want to write this post – is that when is opened on Konqueror – KDE’s default browser, MobileMe doesn’t prevent the browser from letting the user log-in. Sure, Safari is based on KHTML – created by the Konqueror community, but it sure is great to see that they haven’t blocked at-least one linux browser.

What would be better, of course, is that they officially let linux users on firefox access the service they have paid for and in the mean time, mention konqueror as a possible way to access MobileMe on a linux OS.